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Social Media

  • Social networking sites operate like word of mouth. You can “post and tweet” comments about a product or a marketing message which can then be “shared”, “re-posted” and/or “re-tweeted” continually. All of the user’s connections are able to see these messages as well. Therefore your message reaches many more people, and through duplication and multiplication, it will also create more traffic flow for your company.

    Social networking sites can offer another advantage too. They have the ability to reach a deep and narrow target audience. Personal interaction helps create brand loyalty due to the personal nature of the contact.

    At Langley, Dymon & Downs, we make the “social” part of Social Media the main focus. Our Social Media campaigns give you the opportunity to build new relationships with people who want to know you, and people you want to know. Utilizing social media is like handing out a digital business card. It is all about helping your target audience, and potential customers learn about you. Langley, Dymon & Downs knows how to use social media to get your business the attention you need to increase your bottom line.

    Picture having your own dedicated social media team. The team at Langley, Dymon & Downs initially learns about your company and then creates, implements and maintains your social media campaigns. We write content, and post photos and videos for all the prominent social media channels, providing straightforward recommendations to help impact your return on investment. If you are ready to buzz on the social media scene, it’s time to contact Langley, Dymon & Downs, Inc.

    Social Media Strategy. We have the experience and know-how to create and execute a results-driven social media strategy. We work with you to evaluate opportunities and create the most targeted and effective campaign strategy possible. Our goal is to position your company ideally as the leader in your field, whatever that happens to be.